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Mouna Eddrou

Mouna was born in Meknes, Morocco. She's from a family of musicians who for generations have been involved in the traditional and even mystical styles of music from that region.

She studied at the "C.I.A.M." music school in Bordeaux, France and was at the same time taught by and played with visiting musicians from Cuba and Brazil. She has also played with "Macunaima" one of France's top samba schools with whom she played an active role in carnivals and stage performances.

Since arriving in the UK, she's not only been a founding member of The Moroccan'Roll ConventionThe Moroccan'Roll Convention but has played extensively on the London scene and has played and toured with artists such as Hassan Erraji from Morocco. She now runs a guest house in Morocco and courses based around Moroccan culture (music, dance and cookery). She also finds the time to teach and play music professionally!

Fantastic! Simon and Mouna achieve a fine balance between great musicianship and educative content.
A great way to end a week of very satisfying workshops.

N. Waring,
Head of Music, St Bede's School, Eastbourne

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