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Music and courses in Meknes, Morocco

Culturally, Morocco is a crossroads with influences from the Middle East, West Africa, Europe (especially Andalusia) and the indigenous culture of the Berbers.

The music reflects these influences and as a result is incredibly rich and varied. Moroccans love music and it plays a vital role in everyday life. We can take you to see and experience the music in its real context, including the ancient and mystical styles such as sufi Aissawa and Gnawa and the centuries old, poetry based Melhun.

Moroccan music is also fascinating and very rewarding to study from a "Western" musician's perspective. Being musicians and singers ourselves, we fully appreciate the issues involved around learning music abroad. With our extensive contacts in the music scene, we can organise lessons and workshops with professional musicians and teachers for all instruments and singing from both the classic Arabic and the traditional Moroccan repertoires. The latter includes Chaabi, Gnawa, Aissawa, Melhun, El Andaluse, Berber styles like Hedus and the styles from the mountains. With our careful guidance and organisation, both amateur and professional musicians can come and learn in an organised but relaxed atmosphere.

We can also organise evenings or "Lila" at Riad Lahboul, where the musicians will come to you in true Moroccan style.
We can offer package deals with accommodation and board, including a "low-cost" option around all the activities we propose, please contact us for more information, through our website

Congratulations for the hospitality, the food the place and everything! You have been like our family with us. We hope to come back soon!

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