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Sussex Enterprise Event, Oct-05
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Music workshops are established and well-recognised techniques for exploring communication and relationship issues within groups. The whole aim of the series of workshops is not to train musicians but to use percussion instruments to explore all the issues that the group faces in working as a high performing team to create outstanding results. Simon has a range of workshops that he adapts to the aims of the business he's working with.

1: Team Energisers

High energy, fun, inspirational and creative sessions. The team produce a cohesive piece of drumming in a relatively short period of time.
Ideal for kick-starting a team event or injecting a high energy team event into a corporate conference.

2: Team bonding sessions

Bringing the team together through shared, creative experiences learning unusual and fun skills (drumming).
May include facilitated reflection and discussion around individual and team dynamics experienced.

3: Team Development Workshops

A range of challenging and energising drumming based activities explicitly allowing aspects such as stress and /or relaxation to be introduced to the team environment.
Their impact is explored and general or specific issues are drawn into the open.
Where appropriate clear structures to help build further awareness and understanding within the team will be introduced and may be adopted to encourage long term learning and improvement.

Because of the added complexity of the business issues raised in these workshops, Simon runs them as a team with Suzanne Hughes (pictured, above).
Suzanne is a highly experienced business consultant and facilitator whose exceptional professionalism and skills as a key trainer make her an invaluable part of these workshops.

To download Suzanne's CV, right-click this link and choose 'Save target as...'

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