Simon Webster
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Workshops for Schools

Simon teaches percussion workshops to children of all ages from nursery to "A level" students!
His method is based on African and South American teaching cultures. This and percussion's own natural acoustic qualities (you hit a drum and get an instantly usable sound) allow Simon to achieve quick results in a fun and satisfying way.

As well as the teaching of actual rhythms, a system of "games" is used to fully internalise the pulse or beat, develop an "ear" for rhythm and to encourage creativity and communication within the group.

Simon offers the following "styles" of workshop:

1.   His own "Hands-on Drums" workshops: a mixture of everything!
2.   Culturally specific workshops (for example African, Middle Eastern, Brazilian drumming).
3.   Carnival drumming workshops: the loud ones! Brazilian samba, Cuban conga, UK "funky" beats...

Projects undertaken range from:

One-off "flash" workshops (typically 1 to 2 hours long)
All-day, one-off workshops
Medium term projects (typically a "package deal" of ten workshops over ten weeks with a performance by the pupils at the end if desired).
Long-term projects (typically over one school year, often with a major performance by the pupils at the end of the year).

The "All Nations Drumming Show" (click here for more info), which is adapted for schools, is a perfect way to round off a day or series of sessions and of course can be part of a "package deal"!

Because of the diversity and range of options, please feel free to contact Simon directly for more information.

07880 725615